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Ride Manager: Joby Souza - home number - (530) 274-7885 - E-Mail

Asst. Ride manager: Lindsey Souza (530) 906-9360 , (530) 274-7885 (Call or Text) - E-Mail

      (For trail questions)

American River Classic 2022

RIDER PACKET Forms: download all below forms (pdf files):

If you need the entry form and the ride packet mailed to you, please e-mail us and we would be happy to.

ENTRY FORM              2023 Trail Map        Ride Camp and Crew Map

                             Emergency Contacts

2023 Ride Start List

****Please note, you will only receive your vet card and Saturday lunch ticket(s) at check in. Be sure to print all forms as stated above and bring with you.****


Please open entry form, fill it out and mail with your check and a copy of your A.E.R.C. membership card to:

Joby Souza
c/o ARC
16284 Indian Springs Ranch Rd.
Grass Valley, CA 95949

If you have any questions, please email us at:

           Joby Souza - Ride Manager

           Lindsey Souza - Assistant ride manager - Trail questions

Veterinarian Staff:

Kelly Torrisi, D.V.M. - Head Veterinarian

Katrina Cox, D.V.M.

Cory Harms, D.V.M.

Natalie Sundstrom, D.V.M

                                 , D.V.M.


Advanced life support to the scene of accidents and patient critical care during air transport.

MAKE SURE YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENT. If you are planning on riding Tevis in 2023,

this will cover it, and for a whole year. It will also cover across the country through AirMedCare.

Notice: Takes up to two weeks for registration to be active.


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