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An avid horseman, judge, breeder and endurance rider himself, Dr. Barsaleau was one of the pioneers for establishing the very first parameters of examining distance horses in the strenuous sport of endurance riding and competitive trail riding. As head a veterinarian or rider, Dr. Barsaleau strongly believes in the adage, “One Horse, One Rider, One Trail,” and that a horse “must demonstrate the willingness and ability to go on” at the finish line.


Dr. Barsaleau is recognized on a national and international level as anauthority for his knowledge and contribution to the sport of distance riding. The American River Classic feels honored to be able to acknowledge him with this cup. All horses that complete the 50 miler in the Pioneer Division and “Demonstrates the willingness and ability to go on” (Barsaleau), will bejudged (using the Best Condition judging scoring cards), to determine the Barsaleau Cup receipent regardless of top ten placement or not. The horse with the highest score within the Pioneer Division will be named the recipient of the Barsaleau Cup.


**Riders who choose to participate for the Barsaleau Cup must declare their intentions with ride management on entry form (entry fee section) and must weigh in at the finish regardless of placement. The horse and rider team who are recognized for the Barsaleau Cup will have their name, their horse's name, year, ride and location engraved on the perpetual trophy that will be displayed in a prominant location in Auburn, California. The horse and rider team will receive a custom blanket.


Arrangements are being made to display the cup in a prominent location in Auburn, California.


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