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April 22nd, 2023

Ride the beautiful rolling hills of the Olmstead Loop and western states trail 

• Head Veterinarian-

              Kelly Torissi, D.V.M.

The American River Classic offers some distinct trails because this ride covers portions of the "Tevis Cup" trail. This is the only sanctioned endurance ride that follows the last section of Tevis in the day time. Come experience what most riders only see in the dark, in the day light! The trail follows scenic wild flower single track, fireroads, creeks, Oaks, streams and plenty of climbs. Come ride the Infamous Olmstead Loop, western states trail and cross NO HANDS BRIDGE!

Remember to check our Blog for any ride updates.


We would like to welcome you to the 48th annual American River Classic Endurance Ride, the oldest A.E.R.C. sanctioned 50 mile endurance ride in the world. Due to circumstances beyond our control, for the safety of horse and rider, we elected to move the ride start to Cool, CA. This ride along with many others have experienced changes throughout the years and we felt this was the best for safety of horse and rider. Cool was always the last vet check for the 50's which meant the 25 milers never had the opportunity to ride to Cool on ride day. We really wanted to have the 25 miler riders experience the last section of the Tevis Cup in the daylight, so we are adding that section this year. The trail will consist of loops on the Olmstead Trail, along with Salt Creek Loop. I feel confident that there will be a lot of natural water out there this year. Both distances will make their way over to Auburn via Western States Trail and ride parts of Coffer Dam. This ride does provide plenty of hills and scenic views by and above the American River.  If you want to experience the last section of the Tevis cup in the day-light, for both distances, then this is your ride. This year riders will be provided a meal ticket for a Friday dinner meal hosted by American River Pizza and Grill that will be located next to Cool Staging Area. Also this restaurant along with a few others will be available for anyone and everyone Saturday.


We look forward to seeing you all there, Ride Management.

Attention Junior Riders


Thank you for your support!!


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